Monthly Archives: June 2024

tutorial / how to make an evergreen hedge for a putz house

Adding an evergreen hedge to a Putz house adds extra color and a change of pace from a fence cut from poster board. A hedge can be put around the yard, against a building or along a sidewalk. My personal preference is the evergreen that has some brown in it. Completely green is fine, too. […]

original size winter church in light blue and tan

I finished the winter church yesterday. The faux snow (Aleene’s True Snow) takes a few hours to set and a few days to completely dry. I photographed it today, but it won’t be ready to ship for a few more days. The church features a snow-covered winter tree and a surrounding hedge. The base is […]

original size autumn putz church in gray and yellow

The gray Thanksgiving / Autumn church is listed in my Etsy shop. It has a deep yellow roof and steeple. The Putz features a handcrafted autumn tree, four handcrafted pumpkins, a surrounding autumn hedge and a vine growing over the church roof. The base is made from an upcycled greeting card which features a beautiful […]

tutorial / autumn trees using lichen

This tutorial shows how I use preserved, dyed reindeer lichen to make autumn trees for Putz houses. Lichen is not a moss. Moss is a plant. Lichen is not a plant, but a combination of fungi and algae. Just FYI. 🙂 To make an autumn tree, you will need the following supplies. I don’t receive […]