true confessions

It always take a long time to get Christmas put away. Partly because I love having it up, and partly because the holiday season is so very busy that when it is done, we don’t want to think about the work of taking it all down. But we’re doing pretty well. The only rooms left to do are the scrapbook room and one bedroom. Not bad.

We have 140 storage boxes of Christmas decorations. DH wants to reorganize the Christmas storage area in the attic before we put the boxes back up there. The upstairs hall and the scrapbook room have been holding areas for some of those boxes. As soon as he gets things situated in the attic, those boxes will join the others.

This was the east end of the scrapbook room earlier today. This is the true confessions part. ::sigh::


My two older daughters spent two and a half hours helping me clean things up. I went through the boxes. They took the finished ones to the bay in the guest room for temporary storage until the attic is ready. Then they took everything off the windowsills and counter and cleaned and dusted everything. The floor is picked up and vacuumed, too.

There is still some work to be done, but this is so much better than it was. Next week that Christmas tree will be taken down, too.


I wish I had taken a before picture of the west end of the scrapbook room. Didn’t. But here’s the after. WAY better than the before, trust me. I can actually see the counter now.

after...much better

The room is ready for some major crafting on Saturday when my college roommate comes to do some putzing with me. We both love to make Putz houses, so are planning to spend Saturday doing that. Here’s Jane and the church she made when we worked together last year. I love this lady. Her wit and humor will keep me laughing all day. The best medicine!

my dear friend Jane and her Putz church

My thanks to the girls for being so very helpful today. Tomorrow, we attack the upstairs hall…


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  1. genny
    Posted March 7, 2013 at 9:38 pm | Permalink

    Wish I were there. For the cleaning, not for the putzing…

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