rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…

Anyone feel a song coming on? Haven’t thought about “Rawhide” for a long time! But, (big surprise), I wasn’t moving cattle today. I was rolling truffles.

First, I scooped them.

Making mocha truffles. Step one - scoop.

Then I rolled them.


Raspberry Truffles on the left and Mocha Truffles on the right. Tomorrow I will dip the mocha in chocolate and the raspberry in almond bark.

Raspberry truffles on the left and mocha truffles on the right. Tomorrow I will dip the mocha in chocolate and the raspberry in almond bark.

I spent a little time at my desk. Sorted some beads.

Sorting beads

I also worked on the invitations for the Open House. I usually get them done long before now, but I’m finally rollin’ on that project, as well as the truffles.

Cat news for the day…Riley is enjoying her perch on the china hutch in the dining room. She is the jumping-est cat I have ever known. And we have had a lot of cats through the years. Riley is small, but she leaps with grace. She can jump to the top of the seven foot high cabinet with no problem. From there, she surveys her domain and finds it all good. Youngest Daughter took this picture of her.

Riley likes to nap on top the hutch, under the little Christmas tree. From 7 feet up, she can keep a watchful eye on the other cats.

Riley’s kittens turned six months old a few days ago. They are both bigger than she is. Sunday afternoon DH and I worked on hanging the popcorn and cranberry strings and the red beads on the living room tree.

Popcorn and cranberries for the living room tree.

The kittens were right there to help.

Clark wanted to join the fun.

Winston enjoyed beading the tree b

Clark and Winston play together and nap together. I think they will be buddies for the rest of their lives.

Nap time

Tomorrow I plan to bake Brownie Biscotti. I’ll let you know how that goes…


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