Monthly Archives: November 2015

menu plan monday ~ november 30, 2015

This is a very busy week for us. We will host our annual Christmas Open House this coming Sunday. There is a long list of things to finish before Sunday gets here. Today, I did some baking and made some truffles. I have five or six items that can’t be made until Thursday or Friday, […]

thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving was only three days ago, but it seems like a week. We have managed to get a lot done since then! Older Son and his family came on Wednesday evening to stay overnight. They do the bulk of the cooking for Thanksgiving and had prepared quite a bit at home. On Thursday morning, they […]

menu plan monday ~ november 23, 2015

Only four days until Thanksgiving! We will have a busy week, with Thanksgiving and more Christmas Open House prep. There are three or four trees left to put up. Three easy ones and one big one. Otherwise, it’s tweaking and fluffing and cleaning. My sister and I will go room to room today and make […]

mints and almonds

After making Minty Cream Cheese Truffles and Almond Truffles, I was hoping to bake Mint Meltaways today, but DH says the freezer is full. We’ll have to eat the turkey before I can get anything more in there. Minty Cream Cheese Truffles. Really good. You can find the recipe here: Minty Cream Cheese Truffles Almond […]

freezer is nearing full…

I managed to get a few more things done for the Open House. On Thursday, I finished the Raspberry Truffles and the Mocha Truffles. They are packed and in the freezer. Family came over Friday evening and they were a huge help, putting up two trees upstairs and helping with cleaning up the craft room. […]

rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…

Anyone feel a song coming on? Haven’t thought about “Rawhide” for a long time! But, (big surprise), I wasn’t moving cattle today. I was rolling truffles. First, I scooped them. Then I rolled them. Raspberry Truffles on the left and Mocha Truffles on the right. Tomorrow I will dip the mocha in chocolate and the […]

spent the afternoon baking

Today our older son came over to help around the house. He polished cabinets and furniture for me in preparation for the Open House. Such a huge help! After DH came home from his morning meeting, they worked outside, putting up Christmas lights. The porches are festooned, the carport is outlined in lights, and the […]

scalloped soldered ornaments

I bought some scalloped copper foil tape and made some microscope slide ornaments with it today. I chose pictures from my stash of old Christmas cards. (Thanks to everyone who has shared their cards with me! I so appreciate it!) Then, I put the pictures between glass and trimmed them. After adding a touch of […]

menu plan monday ~ november 9, 2015

This week I have worked on adding some embellishments to the soldered ornaments. Here are the fronts of two of the ornaments. And the backs. It’s been fun to work on those. And I’m also working on a tutorial for adding the curvy wire to the ornaments. I’ve also been baking for the freezer, stocking […]

tutorial ~ soldered Christmas ornaments using microscope slides

I have enjoyed making these Christmas ornaments for my side of the family’s Christmas party. Each of my Dad’s 60+ grands and great-grands will find an ornament in his/her stocking. These are all made with pictures from old Christmas cards. Just a side note to locals: I am always looking for more cards. If you […]