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Today was a bit chilly, but the skies were blue and the sun was shining. Works for me. It did put me in the mood for homemade chicken soup, so I made some this afternoon. A nice warm treat on a chilly day.

chicken soup

We were out of bread, so DH kneaded a batch. I formed it into sandwich buns, dinner rolls and a loaf. Makes the house smell so good!


I finished rolling the second batch of Date Balls and they are packed for the freezer for the open house in December.

Date Balls

I spent some time at my desk working on ornaments for my side of the family’s Christmas party. The snowflake charms were found on They are very nice and I plan to order more. The pictures come from used Christmas cards.


I have a good start on them. I need about 65 altogether. They will go in the stockings for my Dad’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Here are a few others, with beads and baubles added.

microscope slide ornaments

Tomorrow we plan to work on the glass tree. More about that soon!


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