menu plan monday ~ october 5, 2015

We had a busy weekend. Genny came down to open our Christmas decorating season. Yes, it’s early. No, we don’t mind. DH brought down three trees for the addition. The blue/silver tree, the downstairs bath tree, and the Putz tree. The Putz tree had yellowed a bit, so DH gave it some spray paint treatments. He gave it a coat of light blue, then white over that. It’s on the side porch now, airing out. I won’t know if the paint treatment did the trick or not until I can decorate it, though I do like the faintly blue color with the white over it.

spray painting the tree

We didn’t get to the other trees. But the kittens are finding them fascinating.

this could be trouble

It took all weekend to do the chalkboard tree. I printed patterns, Genny chalked…

the start on the chalkboard Christmas tree

I worked on ornaments for our family Christmas party in December.

microscope slide ornaments

The first of the week has rolled around. Time for the week’s menu. I made the Chicken Taco Chili this evening. Perfect for a chilly evening.

Chicken Taco Chili

Chicken Taco Chili

Crock Pot Rotisserie Style Chicken
Green Salad
Steamed Sugar Snap Peas

crock pot rotisserie-style chicken

Grilled Pork Steaks
Rosemary Ranch Chicken Strips
Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Carrots

Rosemary Ranch Chicken

Mongolian Beef with Broccoli

Chicken Tortellini Soup

Chicken Tortellini Soup

Fridge Food

Baked Ziti
Garden Salad

You can find more menu ideas, recipe links, and advise on Menu Plan Monday. You can also link your own menu for the week. Making a weekly menu is a good habit to have.


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