Monthly Archives: March 2013

menu plan monday ~ march 25, 2013

Last week we had spring. This weekend we had winter. The weekend threw me off schedule because our older daughters went to their aunt’s house to spend the weekend. Then the snowstorm came and they stayed till Monday afternoon, waiting for the roads to clear. We had only a few inches of snow here and […]

cheesy baked shells and broccoli

This evening, because it is “Meatless Monday,” I made Cheesy Baked Shells and Broccoli for supper. It was very good and everyone liked it. Except for our oldest daughter who does not like broccoli. She wouldn’t even taste it. She is good-natured about making her own meal if she doesn’t care for what I prepare, […]

menu plan monday ~ march 18, 2013

We had a lovely weekend with the three grands here for most of it. Sunday afternoon, the twins helped Pa make cookies. Here they’re trying to snag a bit of egg shell from the cookie dough. Serious stuff going on… And don’t you love Rose Red’s sense of style? Sunday dress and Hello Kitty snow […]

menu plan monday ~ march 11, 2013

Spring is here. The daffodils are blooming. DH brought a small bouquet in yesterday. They smell sooo good! I am working on some new Putz patterns. My friend Marsha Jane came to see me on Saturday. We built some Putz houses, talked about our high school graduating class (40th reunion last year), looked at grade […]

two new Putz house patterns

I enjoy drawing patterns for Putz houses. Today I picked two pictures from my Putz Pinterest board and drew patterns for them, in prep for my friend’s visit tomorrow. We are going to putz all day! This little glitter house reminds me of Dr. Seuss. I am developing ideas for making a Dr. Seuss style […]

true confessions

It always take a long time to get Christmas put away. Partly because I love having it up, and partly because the holiday season is so very busy that when it is done, we don’t want to think about the work of taking it all down. But we’re doing pretty well. The only rooms left […]

great granola

I tried one granola recipe and it did not turn out well. I ended up feeding it to the birds. They seemed to enjoy it. Thankfully. The second time I made granola, I tried Alton Brown’s recipe, but had to make a couple of changes. His recipe called for cashews. I used walnuts. And I […]

menu plan monday ~ march 4, 2013

It’s been a quiet week. We had some snow. And not a lot of sunshine. Hoping this week will be sunnier and warmer. The grands were here and that’s always fun. If I’m in the craft room, they always want to participate in a favorite activity…coloring, cutting, gluing, punching, and glittering. \ And when Snow […]


We woke up to a light and fluffy snowfall this morning. The kind that outlines everything in white. DH went out and took a few pictures before going to work. So fluffy! It looks like cotton batting on the branches. The edge of the woods. Mind you, our little “woods” is only about an acre, […]