macro mondays

I participate in a flickr group called Macro Mondays. I haven’t posted many pictures the last month or so, because I’ve been adjusting to a new-to-me camera. My old camera, which finally died, let me get *real* close to a subject. I’ve had to get used to the new one, which DD gave me when she got an even better one. Anyhoo, members of Macro Mondays can post up to five pictures to the group each Monday. The pictures have to correspond to the week’s theme. Here are my submissions for this week’s theme “fuzzy.”

Fuzzy pipecleaners…I took this shot in the scrapbook room. I have drawers full of fun things the shoot.

fuzzy pipe cleaners

These fuzzy fibers came from my scrapbook room drawers, too. Isn’t the sparkle great?

fuzzy fibers

Love the colors and the sparkle on these fuzzy pompoms.

18 fuzzy things

DH brought the foxtails in for me to shoot. I put them in a black tray and used a desk lamp to light them.

fuzzy foxes

The wooly lamb’s ear was fun to shoot. I was at riding lessons with DD. While she and the trainers were on a trail ride, I picked the leaf and took some pictures for the flickr theme. I set it on my day planner for the black background and used the sun light to highlight the leaf’s detail. It was interesting to see how transparent the leaf was when the sun hit it from the back. All the veins became visible. That spot has as much fuzz on it as the left side where the sun hits it from the top of the leaf.

fuzzy lamb's ear

Macros are such fun. They bring to life amazing detail that usually goes unnoticed. ~~Rhonda 🙂

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