dd chose the colors…

In the midst of everything else, we are painting DD’s room. She will be eleven soon and chose these colors. Aqua blue, bubble gum pink, and a touch of lime green. The woodwork will be glossy white.

DD10 chose the colors...

We have a carpenter building a double decker bed (ceilings are 12′). He hopes to have the bed done before the open house. He will also build a desk area with shelves and cubbies, and put in a new closet with a bench seat that can serve as her “launch pad.” The pictured closet was added in the 1920’s and we will remove it after the end of the year. The launch pad is a place for her to prepare for the next day…a place to set out her clothes, her shoes, her book bag, etc.

The upper bunk will serve as a guest bed and as a reading nook. There will be shelves on the wall for her books, a lamp, and an outlet for other needs. DD has been *extremely* patient while this all takes longer than we had planned. The desk and closet will have to wait until after the Christmas festivities. But we are hoping the bed will be done soon!


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