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Living in a small town, I share my life with my husband Russell (married in 1977), five children (one still at home), and six cats (one indoors, the others outside).

I teach an online class called “The Christmas Notebook” which is about all things holiday prep. The many facets of celebrating Christmas comprises one of my favorite hobbies. Other favorite things include gardening, reading, cooking, and scrapbooking.

purple and red putz house

I was rummaging through some drawers in the craft room last week and found a few Putz houses I had cut from poster board but hadn’t finished. I don’t remember when I actually started putting this house together. I couldn’t find the original pattern for it, so I drew a new one, with a few […]

setting bells in putz church bell towers

When I began to make Putz churches, I had to devise a way to hang bells in the bell towers. Following is the method I use. The bells hang freely from a small chain and swing back and forth if the church is moved. Two examples… Basically, I make a ceiling for the bell tower […]

making stepping stones for a putz house

Sometimes it can be hard to decide how to finish the front walk of your Putz house or church. One of my favorite methods is to make stepping stones from the front door to the gate, using cardboard. Supplies needed: A small piece of cardboard, poster board, or cardstock Scissors Needle-nose tweezers Acrylic paint White […]

decorating bottle brush trees

Supplies needed: Beads or miniature ornaments Bottle brush tree Needle-nose tweezers Hot glue gun Star bead for the tree topper Long-nose pliers White tacky glue Aleene’s True Snow Palette knife or other blade Clear glitter Glitter tray To decorate a bottle brush tree with ornaments, I use any combination of miniature ornaments, vintage mercury beads, […]

green and brown putz house

My latest house is this little green and brown one. The “picket” fence is made with corrugated cardboard. The fence posts at the front gate are made from wooden dowels, cut to size and painted. Picket fence tutorial I like to add the traditional hole in the back of the Putz house for the use […]

snowing bottle brush trees

This post shares how I “snow” bottle brush trees for a lush look on my Putz house displays. Supplies needed for snowing and glittering bottle brush trees: bottle brush trees Aleene’s True Snow Squeeze Bottle Palette Knife or other blade Hot Glue Gun Glitter / My most used glitter is Spectra Glitter Clear. I also […]

blue and yellow putz church

This little church is a pretty simple design. It does have a bell in the bell tower which takes it up a step from the simplest designs. The blue is Apple Barrel 21142 Cobalt lightened with white. The yellow is Apple Barrel 21474E Yellow Flame, lightened with white. The fence was cut with a large-scallop […]

ivory and honey brown putz church

This ivory and honey brown Putz church was just finished. You can see it in my Etsy shop. It’s a very simple design with simple embellishments. I love adding embellishments but sometimes less is best. The colors coordinate with the picture on the base. The back has a hole for the light string. A […]

red and green Santa house

I call this one the Santa house because of the picture on the Christmas card I used as a base for this Putz house. This particular pattern makes a very cozy looking PUtz, in my opinion. This sweet card made the perfect base. Two tiny resin snowmen stand vigil in the front yard. They left […]

putz houses and putz barns

During the past week or so, I have finished two Putz houses and two Putz barns. The barns have sold, and the houses are in my Etsy shop. All proceeds from my shop support the work of Kenya Mercy Ministries. Purchases help children and their families who live in the largest slum in Africa. […]