Monthly Archives: August 2013

happy birthday, mom

My mother was born August 31, 1933. Today would have been her 80th birthday. Back row: my maternal grandparents, Harold and Nellie, and Dale. Front row: Jane, Pete, Tim, and my mother Georgia. High school picture Mom and Dad’s wedding day Our family in 1957 Alan and Georgia with Genny, Paula, Mary, Margaret and Rhonda […]

eager to start

I have a hard time believing it is Christmas prep time at our house. The summer passed so quickly! September is almost here and we will be readying the rooms for Christmas trees soon. Looking at pictures from previous years is putting me in the Christmas frame of mind! The prep is always fun. This […]

menu plan monday ~ august 26, 2013

This past week, we welcomed our oldest daughter home from New York where she worked at a summer camp. It was great to see her again. Seemed she had been gone a long time. Her cat Cedar was very happy to see her again, too! When she went outside to run an errand, Cedar sat […]

menu plan monday ~ august 19, 2013

We’re enjoying the Spiced Peach Jam that we made on Saturday. My only caveat is that the link suggests turning the hot jam over and sealing the jars without a hot water bath. I don’t recommend that. We put the 8-oz jars into a hot water bath for 10 minutes. Safely sealed. Delicious jam. Especially […]

peaches, peaches, and peaches

We canned peaches Saturday and made spiced peach jam. Then we made peach ice cream. Dee-licious! I did the slicing. DH manned the stove. We made 28 quarts of sliced peaches in light syrup and 28 8-oz. jars and 2 pint jars of spiced peach jam. Then we made ice cream. A yummy end to […]

menu plan monday ~ august 12, 2013

With many thanks to a dear friend, we have canning in our future. He brought peaches with promises of more, if we want them. Yes! Peach jam, peach pie, peach cobbler, canned peaches…what’s not to want? Buttercup set up guard. I think she liked the smell of the fresh fruit. The house cats have been […]

menu plan monday ~ august 5, 2013

Sunday’s bouquet was made of purple cone flowers, phlox, and obedient plant (Physostegia virginiana). A study in pink. Surprise lilies are up, too, but I decided to leave them out. Time enough for them next week. Our daughters did some school supply shopping this week. Amy thought that was all for her. We made Rosemary […]

busy week…what’s left of the menu

Last weekend was long and busy. But the weather has been outstanding and we’ve had the windows open. That’s are real treat for July. So nice to hear the birds singing and the locust calling. It’s high summer, even if the temps are way below average. Snow White heard the loud bugs one evening at […]