busy week…what’s left of the menu

Last weekend was long and busy. But the weather has been outstanding and we’ve had the windows open. That’s are real treat for July. So nice to hear the birds singing and the locust calling. It’s high summer, even if the temps are way below average. Snow White heard the loud bugs one evening at dusk and said, “The bats are singing!” You never know what’s going to pop out of her mouth. I googled “singing bats” just for fun and found out that of all mammals, only humans are more vocal that bats. We just can’t hear them because the pitch is so high. So they really are out there singing and talking to each other. We are part of an amazing creation!

Having the grands over is always a good thing. Pa has time to read several stories at bedtime. A tradition he kept with our own children. Snow White is already reading at a fourth grade level. It’s pretty amazing to hear her reading cereal boxes, milk cartons and anything else that comes into view. She read “Peter Rabbit” to me the other night. After reading the word “mischief” she asked me what mischief meant. No problem reading it, though.

story time

I got sidetracked from menu making this week. I started, then realized it was time to start working on the Christmas Notebook class I lead each fall, with the first articles going out today, August 1. That will keep me busy for quite a while.

So far this week, we’ve had homemade pizza, Fridge Food, Chinese Take Out and Baked Ziti with homemade Rosemary Bread.

baked ziti and rosemary bread for supper

The rest of the week looks like this:

Sandwiches with leftovers: ham, turkey, roast beef…diner’s choice.

Grill Time…chicken wings and pork steaks
Grilled Veggies / potatoes, carrots, fennel with olive oil and rosemary
Garden Salad

Roast Chicken
Rice Pilaf
Garden Salad
Steamed Green Beans
Creamy Mushroom Bake

You can find more menu and recipe ideas at Menu Plan Monday. I, on the other hand, am tired. Like Amy, I need a cozy bed and a long night’s sleep. Night, all!

nap time



  1. Posted August 2, 2013 at 11:32 pm | Permalink

    That baked ziti looks amazing..Definitely need to try that recipe!The locust around here have been extra loud lately and we can hear them over the ac,which is nice because I love hearing them..

  2. MaryAnn Dorf
    Posted September 10, 2013 at 3:29 am | Permalink

    Keeping things organized and cleaned out is nearly impossible…reading your updates, helps push me forward, thanks…….MaryAnn

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