visiting family

Last week, DH, DD and I traveled east to visit our older son and his family. We had a wonderful time! We spent some time enjoying the beautiful weather.

picking flowers

taking a walk around the tree

The twins picked up with us just as though we were always around.

up high!

dandelion puffs

They love Pa’s homemade rolls.

thanks for the rolls, Pa!

And Ma had lots of help making pizzas.

then the cheese

letters with Pa

They were happily entertained with Ma’s Nook…it wasn’t long before they could turn it on and find “Big Dog, Little Dog” all by themselves.

watching story books on grandma's nook

Pa pulled weeds. The twins took them to the compost pile.

weeds to the compost pile

Here’s the cutest basket of laundry I ever saw…

hi, there!

We celebrated Sissy’s birthday while we were there.

happy birthday!

And enjoyed blueberry snacks…

blueberry fingers

Ma made the big rolls and Ma’s helper made the little rolls. She was SO proud of herself!

I helped make the rolls!

Much fun was had by all.


~~Grandma…AKA “Ma”

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  1. Mary
    Posted April 10, 2011 at 8:39 pm | Permalink

    What wonderful photos! They are getting so big. Glad you got to enjoy some time with them

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