the garden in transition

The yard is moving from spring to summer. The soft colors of irises and peonies will soon give way to the harder yellows and oranges and reds of daylilies. I must say the peonies have been holding onto spring. We’ve never had them open so late. And seldom have any blooming now, but some, like ‘Glory Hallelujah’ and ‘Kansas’ just opened this past week.

We bought ‘Kansas’ because my MIL grew up in Kansas. It’s a beautiful dark pink.

Peony 'Kansas'

‘Mons Jules Elie’

Peony 'Mons Jules Elie'

The irises will soon be done blooming. These blue flags just opened this week, though.

blue flag

The yellow flags have been blooming for a week and a half or so. These are in the “ditch” which is a low place in the back yard where rain water drains.

yellow flags

These pink rhododendrons contrasted well with the new yellow-green leaves.


Primrose can be aggressive, but it’s easy to pull those we don’t want.


The next phase of the garden is beginning. Soon we’ll have lots of daylily blossoms to share with you.

daylilies are budding!

‘Bitsy’ is a 2″ lemon-yellow flower which makes it a miniature daylily. It blooms for a long time and is a welcome addition to the garden.

Daylily 'Bitsy'

Black Eyed Stella opened today, as well.

Daylily 'Black Eyed Stella'

And our first purple cone flower opened today. This is a work horse in the garden, though it does reseed itself all over the place. It blooms for a long time, is a pretty color, and doesn’t mind droughts. If the seed heads are left on the plant in the fall, the goldfinches have a feast!

purple cone flower

Coreopsis is a cheerful plant.


I actually took this picture from the mower using the zoom. I was surprised it came out so well.

teeny bee on a coreopsis flower

The poppies can be seen all the way across the yard. What a vibrant color!

amazing color

The dogwood shrub will be blooming soon.

red twig dogwood buds

We don’t have many roses, other than the three old fashioned ones we have on the fence, but we do have ‘Mr. Lincoln.’ A beautiful rose that smells wonderful!

'Mr. Lincoln'

I had a lot more pictures I could have shared, but didn’t want to make the post too long for enjoyable reading. I’ll post more tomorrow.


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