DH’s birthday

We celebrated DH’s birthday this week. All of 53. I made his favorite…red cake. Five candles on the left, and three on the right, as you look at it from this end of the table. Keeps the blaze down to a manageable level. 😉


5 and 3

Gifts included leather garden gloves, a short shovel for digging in flower beds while on his knees (an idiosyncrasy of his which I’ve never understood), and a heater for the bird bath. He has been using the heater we have to keep the half barrel pump/fountain thawed so the outdoor kitties have access to a drink. Now the birds will be happy, too. He also received a cycling jersey and I ordered the 2007 Tour de France 12-hour DVD for him, as well. It should be here this week. Also a special cycling t-shirt which I think he will enjoy.

He is planning his annual “ride my age” birthday ride for New Year’s Day. Fifty-three miles and the weather is supposed to be a high of 27* with 22 mph winds. Yikes…a few friends have committed to going along. Doesn’t sound like an ideal day for cycling, though, does it?


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