craft desk tour part 2 ~ drawers

Yesterday, I gave you a tour of my craft desk. Just the top because the post got so long. Today you get to see inside the drawers. This was a good exercise for me because I had to clean them out and straighten them a bit before I could take any pictures. Believe me, they don’t look this good all the time.

The left side of my desk has three drawers. This is the top drawer. From the top of the picture, left to right: a box of miscellaneous items, tart tins that are in process, and a box of tart tins waiting to be made over. Bottom of the picture, left to right: a little box with a few embellishments and a neat, vintage, Christmas light bulb, two shadow boxes I’m getting ready to make, a box of glitter glue sticks, and two boxes of embellishments. The loose embellishments will be put into an organizer I’m using, though I have filled the ones I have and had to order two more. I’ll show those to you in a day or two.

left side, top drawer

These little tart tin ornaments go together pretty fast. They are fun to make. The snowman tin is about 2 1/2″ across and the Christmas tree one is 2″ across. I checked my blog and see that I haven’t put together a tutorial for making these ornaments, so I will try to get one posted soon.

Tart tin ornament

Tart tin ornament

The second drawer on the left is actually a file drawer. It’s deep and tends to get piled up. Right now it looks good, thanks to picture taking! From left to right: a box to corral glue, glitter, and glitter glue. I actually have a lot more of these items upstairs. Glitter glue in six colors, two drawers full of glitter (can’t help myself…I love, love, love glitter…). The middle section is paint I’ve needed over the past few months. When I’m crafting and find that I need something, I send DH upstairs with a list and he brings down the things I need. It kind of surprises me how much is up there that I don’t seem to need! Also in the middle of the drawer are some pretty blue gauze drawstring bags I bought to put ornaments in when I give them as gifts.
To the right is an empty quart size blue jar and a gift bag full of rolled up plastic bags.

left side, middle drawer

The bottom drawer on the left side holds putz houses under construction and some bases for the putz houses. I am eager to get back to working on these little houses. Just love them!

left side, bottom drawer

The center drawer of the desk holds a lot. In the back are things I don’t need often. Extra note pads and ink cartridges, extra tape, etc. Next row: cough drops and Wurther’s Caramel candies, tiny clothespins, sticky notes, washi tape and a stapler. Front row is mostly miscellaneous office supplies.

center drawer

There are four drawers on the right side of the desk. The top drawer holds my soldering supplies. Copper tapes, wire, wire straighteners, head pins, cleaning cloths, etc. The larger soldering tools are in a box on a movable cart. More about the cart in a day or so. If you look closely, you will see a white scraper and a 2 1/2″ acrylic square ruler standing against the side of the drawer near the upper right hand part of the picture. I use the little square ruler quite a bit.

Right side, top drawer

The second drawer on the right holds a vintage German Bible, a zippered plastic bag holding more zippered plastic bags. I reuse them over and over. Never know when you might need one. Then my big glue gun for big jobs. The bottom row has a box of beads and necklaces that I need to sort and a 12″ paper cutter. I am always needing a paper cutter so it’s nice to have one handy.

Right side, second drawer

The third drawer needs to be reworked. It has some DVD tapes that need to be digitized, envelopes and some tempera paint and chalk markers that need to go upstairs to the craft room. That’s prime real estate that isn’t being used well. I need to find somewhere else to keep the tapes so I can store needed craft items in the drawer.

Right side, third drawer

The fourth drawer has roping, trims and beaded strings that I use for embellishing Christmas ornaments.

Cords, bead roping, trims

Just for fun, here’s a close up of three bits of trim that my sister Genny found in a thrift store. Forty cents for all three. I will make good use of these on my Christmas ornaments.


Hope you enjoyed the tour. If you have a blog post touring your craft desk, leave a link. I’ll stop by. 🙂


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