original size winter church in light blue and tan

I finished the winter church yesterday. The faux snow (Aleene’s True Snow) takes a few hours to set and a few days to completely dry. I photographed it today, but it won’t be ready to ship for a few more days.

The church features a snow-covered winter tree and a surrounding hedge. The base is made from an upcycled Christmas greeting card. Making a putz house base from a greeting card

Three steps lead to the arched front door. The church has a hole in the back that allows the use of a small LED light string for lighting the Putz.

The winter tree is made from an armature and lined with faux snow, using a syringe. The evergreen hedge is made from pine chinelle stems and shaped with round-nose pliers.

My Putz houses are constructed of white poster board, from patterns I draw myself. I cut each piece by hand. No diecuts are used in the creation of my Putz houses. The base is made from an upcycled greeting card. The doors of my Putz houses, churches, etc., are always open so visitors know they are welcome to stop by at any time.

If you would like to see more of my Putz houses, as well as Christmas ornaments I have made from upcycled holiday cards, please visit my Etsy shop.


If you are interested in crafting Putz houses of your own, check out my Putz tutorials for more information. Putz House Tutorials The blog can be searched for “tutorial” to find any that aren’t linked to the tutorial page. Working on that!

I am always happy to answer questions about the process. Please ask, if you are wondering about the details of putzing!

All proceeds from my Etsy shop benefit Kenya Mercy Ministries. They work with the urban poor of Nairobi, Kenya, particularly the children and their families who live in Kibera, the largest urban slum in Africa. Thank you for your part in helping these children when you purchase items from my shop!

~~Rhonda 🙂

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