Spring is my favorite season. Here are a few pictures from our yard. The first set is from a few weeks ago. The bloodroot was blooming alongside the grape hyacinth.

spring garden 2017

The Lenten Rose was beautiful.

spring garden 2017

Daffodils were blooming all over the garden.

spring garden 2017

Poet’s daffodils are some of our end-of-the-season daffs.

spring garden 2017

Snow White kept coming in with more daffodils. She loves to pick them!

spring garden 2017

The flowering almond came from DH’s family farm. We have several starts of it around the yard.

spring garden 2017

Currently, the following flowers and shrubs are blooming. Dogwood…




Peony buds.

peony blossoms

Redbud tree blossoms


Quince blossoms. The first round of blossoms froze. We were surprised to find a second round blooming. They are larger and darker than usual.

quince bush

Our pink dogwood has sported a branch of white blossoms. Must be from the root stock. We’re trying to decide if we will leave it or cut it off. I think we’re leaning toward leaving it.

white and pink dogwood

Spanish bluebells.

Spanish bluebells

The white dogwood behind the house.


My favorite hosta ‘June.’

Hosta 'June'

Sweet William in front of the hosta ‘Thunderbolt.’

Sweet William

The pawpaw tree is blooming.

pawpaw tree

I hope you enjoyed the quick tour. I’ll be posting some springtime Putz houses I’ve been working on in the next day or so. Check back!


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