a visit, a putz, and Christmas decorating

It isn’t very often that both my dear daughters-in-law are able to visit us in the same week. Younger Son’s wife was here for the wedding of her cousin and was able to stop by on her way back to the airport on Monday. It was wonderful to see her and to spend a couple of hours catching up. She was delighted to hug Winston and tell him how fluffy he was. Younger Son was not able to come, but they should both be back for Christmas. We are looking forward to that. The last time we saw them was last Christmas!

she loves him

I decided to make an autumn Putz house, so began to work on that this week.

Autumn Putz house

I had to remake the chimney three times to get it to fit correctly. Now I have to decide how I am going to embellish it without using snow.

Autumn Putz house

Genny does most of the chalking on the chalkboard Christmas tree and she will be back this weekend to finish it, but I did a little work on it myself this week. I added some Christmas lights and some snow.

2016 chalkboard tree

2016 chalkboard tree

Older Son’s wife is here for a few days to help with the Christmas decorating. We started in the kitchen by taking down all the pie plates and washing them. She also washed the wall and the pegs the curtains hang from. And put up the Christmas curtains. Then we put the snowflake ornaments on the garland which DH had already put up in the windows.

kitchen windows garland

kitchen snowflakes

The blue and silver tree in the downstairs bedroom is done except for the tree skirt and the tinsel. Both will wait as they serve as cat magnets and we don’t need that problem right now.

Blue and silver tree

Clark and Winston were very helpful.

helping decorate the tree

The aluminum tree in the bedroom is also done. It’s pretty simple so didn’t take long to put up.

Aluminum tree

I made the centers for Chocolote Peanut Butter Truffles. I’ll dip those in chocolate, then freeze them till right before the Open House. Then they will be dipped in white almond bark and topped with some cookie sprinkles. A picture from the past…2007 to be exact…

Peanut Butter Truffles

The next step is fluffing and decorating several trees. Back to work!


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