christmas tree countdown ~ upstairs hall

The upstairs hall has two trees. One slender six foot tall tree sits in a crock in the corner of the hall. It is decorated with pictures from Christmas past…both of our children and of our grandchildren.

Christmas Past tree

Many of the pictures are ones we used in our Christmas cards when our children were young. Many have the dates included on the front of the pictures.

Christmas Past tree

The other tree in the upstairs hall is a half tree. It was originally used in a small store as a display for ornaments they were selling. When the store was going out of business years ago, I bought the tree from them for $30, and have used it every year since then. I think I was with my Home Extension group at the time…not sure what we were doing… This tree was used in my Mother-in-Law’s room when she lived with us. She didn’t want a tree in her room, but was happy to have this half tree on her wall. At that time, we decorated it with cardinals and white doves.

wall tree

The wall tree is just outside the guest room door upstairs. This picture was taken from that doorway, looking into the hall, with the wall tree to the left and the Christmas Past tree in the corner just ahead. The kitty is Zilli. She was following Middle Daughter around as she took pictures for me. The closed door is the door to Youngest Daughter’s bedroom. Those lovely shiny floors are original to the house (built in 1867). Downstairs they are oak and walnut. Upstairs, we were told, they are heart pine.

Zilli and the upstairs hall trees

Standing in front of the half tree and looking over the staircase to the other end of the hall, you can see the cupboard a dear friend gave to us when she remodeled her home. This cupboard displays many of my Putz house creations. to the left is a peek into the craft room.

upstairs hall cupboard

And down on the floor to the right of the cupboard is the Mouse House. It usually sits on top the quarter round trim for Christmas, but didn’t get there this year. The woodwork is twelve inches high. The Mouse House is about six inches high. The two trees that decorate the front door of Mr. and Mrs. Mouse are lit by the battery pack wrapped as a gift.

The mouse house.

A tree, of sorts, hangs in the upstairs bathroom. It’s a tree mobile and hangs in front of the stained glass window in the bathroom.

Christmas tree mobile

My thanks to my friend Dana who took this picture of the ornaments on the mobile tree. I love this picture with the stained glass window in the background.

tree mobile

In the bathroom window sill, below the mobile, there is a small tree decorated with iridescent ornaments, to resemble soap bubbles. Personally, I don’t count these little trees that are barely decorated when I count how many Christmas trees we have, but I do want to show you a picture of it.

tree mobile

More trees to come.

Only 362 days until Christmas!

~~Rhonda 🙂

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