my new kitty, Ski

DH brought home a new kitty for me. His name is Ski. He has been raised at the Humane Shelter and is about six months old. He has been home for about an hour. I am still waiting for him to feel free to approach me, but I am having fun watching him play with his toys. Like a good Christmas kitty, the first things he checked out were the ornaments on the tree.

My  new kitty, Ski.

Before he arrived, Snow White and Rose Red helped me take the tinsel off the bottom part of the tree and we removed the tree skirt. If Ski finds the ornaments too much fun to bat around, we’ll take the tree down this evening, as the downstairs bedroom is his safe place for now. We’ll let him get comfortable in here before we introduce him to his house mates. Zilli is keeping an eye on him through the door, though. Ski has ignored her so far.

Zilli...checking out the new kitty.

He is busy exploring his new surroundings.


Watching you watching me…


Here’s to many more Christmases together.

~~Rhonda and Ski

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  1. Genny
    Posted December 25, 2014 at 1:06 am | Permalink

    Ski landed on his feet getting you for a buddy.

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