in the garden

The cooler temperatures haven’t bothered the garden. Things are growing beautifully.

Hosta ‘Samurai’

Hosta 'Samurai'


Hosta 'Liberty'

Peonies are beginning to bloom.

‘Festiva Maxima’

Peony 'Festiva Maxima'


Peony 'Flame'

The iris show is beginning. ‘Raspberry Blush’ is one of our earliest.

Iris 'Raspberry Blush'

DH did a lot of mulching this week.


mulching the hostas

And we enjoyed our first lettuce and spinach from the garden.

washing lettuce from the garden


fresh lettuce from the garden

I love this time of year. Everything is fresh and lush and the temps are enjoyable. I hope you’re able to get out to putter and work in a garden.

honesty plant

You can visit other spring time gardens, or post your own, at Tootsie Time.



  1. Posted April 13, 2012 at 4:03 pm | Permalink

    Ugh, that salad just made me extremely hungry….

    The hostas are lovely! I’m trying to figure out what hostas I can grow in Austin, and right now Fried Bananas is in the lead. However, I think Guacamole (ironic?) would work really well with the right soil. But ugh, guh, buh, yours are wonderful! I love plants that mound, and hostas definitely fit in that category. If you’re in a similarly warm climate (8B), let me know so I can add those to my list!

  2. Posted April 13, 2012 at 5:05 pm | Permalink

    Red, thanks for leaving a comment! Hostas *can* be grown in the South. If you stick to ones from the family of Hosta plantaginea in particular, you should have pretty good luck. These plants were hybridized from a tropical parent plant. Keep them watered and in some dappled shade.

    We do have some that will thrive in full sun in our 6b garden, but I doubt they’d do the same in zone 8b. ‘Gold Standard’ and ‘Sunny Disposition’ work well for us in full sun.

    Plant Delights Nursery online has a list of hostas for warmer climates. The list is a great resource.

    Some from the list that we have include the “Tiara” series, ‘Fragrant Bouquet,’ ‘Guacamole,’ ‘Iron Gate Delight,’ ‘So Sweet,’ ‘Stiletto’ (a cute smaller ripple-edged one), ‘Invincible’ (always one of the first ones up in our garden), ‘Waving Wuffles,’ and ‘Fried Bananas.’

    Here’s a picture of ‘Fried Bananas’ and ‘Emerald Tiara’ in our back yard.

    I hope you do try some hostas and that they do well in your garden.


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