wednesday in the garden

DH and I spent quite a bit of time in the garden yesterday. It was hot, but he likes to use the hot days as prep for his ride across Indiana in July. “Heat acclimation” he calls it. So I drove the tractor, pulling the wagon, and he shoveled mulch. We mulched quite a bit. Also had to replace a wheel on the wagon. The last replacement finally let go.

The front yard looks so lush. Must be all that rain we’ve been having. Every one of DD’s softball games has been cancelled so far, due to all the rain. The field is just too wet for games.

east front yard

I like this clump of zebra grass. We’ve sold quite a bit of it at plant sales, so I guess others like it, too. 🙂

east front yard

The purple coneflowers are starting to show up well.

purple coneflowers

The Southern Magnolia makes a great screen between us and the parking lot next door. At least the school buses are quiet neighbors. 🙂 And now that the magnolia is blooming, the sweet lemony scent of the blossoms makes that side of the yard smell SO good!

Southern Magnolia

Here’s a rundown of the first flowers out (FFO) on our daylilies yesterday.

‘Wine Delight’

'Wine Delight'

Dee Dee [GN] was sold to us as ‘Daring Deception.’ Not.

Dee Dee [GN]

‘Yellow Lollipop’ was a Wal-Mart purchase that actually seems to have been labeled correctly!

'Yellow Lollipop'

‘Children’s Laughter’

'Children's Laughter'

Sold to us as ‘La Cucuracha,’ I have never been able to find any references to this plant.

'La Cucuracha'

‘Rose Mark, TN’

'Rose Mark, TN'

‘Siloam Double Classic’

'Siloam Double Classic'



It’s been a long day and I haven’t been able to get outside yet. Am looking forward to seeing what’s in bloom today! I’ll let you know…


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