menu plan monday / july 7

After a hectic but happy week of having six other people in the house, we are back to our usual routine of cooking for three. We have some busyness this week as well, that needs to be figured into the menu.

Monday / My sister and her dh are coming for supper and to “shop” the yard for plants.
BBQ pork steaks
Crash Hot potatoes
green beans, steamed
corn on the cob
green salad

Tuesday / softball this evening
choice of ham sandwiches or hotdogs
chips / veggies


Wednesday / Plant sale from 1-7pm (raising money for missions), so I’m preparing a meal that can sit on the counter. Our helpers (mission team members) will be able to run in and get something to eat any time they like.
BBQ beef in the crockpot / buns
chips / veggies
cookie bars

garlic bread
peas / corn
spinach salad

Friday / DH is participating in RAIN this weekend, so meals will be leftovers for today.

eat out

Sunday / church dinner
pork chop and potato casserole
spinach salad

Another busy week ahead of us, not to mention all the projects hanging over my head…I want to remodel and redecorate DD’s room, clean up the scrapbook room so I can work on some projects, start quilts for DD and the three grands…

You can find more menu ideas at Laura’s place.


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