sunny Saturday

Thanks to help from my son Daniel, I am now a blogger. Why blog? Because I teach an online class via a Yahoo list about holiday preparation called “The Christmas Notebook.” I hope this site will serve as a resource and encouragement for my list members and a place where I can update them on how my own prep is coming along.

Because we host an annual open house the first Sunday of December each year, we begin decorating our home for Christmas the first of November. This year, we have twin grandbabies due the first week of November, so we began even earlier. Three trees are completed, and four trees stand ready to decorate. When we’re done, there should be 22 trees…at least one in every room.

I attended a Stampin’ Up party this AM, and when I got home, DH surprised me with the garland up around the bay in the library. Looks great and I’m inspired to get more done today, even though the day is sunny and lovely…should be out in the yard cleaning up the beds and putting things away for the winter. But no. It’s decorating for today. I’ll be posting pictures as we go along.


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