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Living in a small town, I share my life with my husband Russell (married in 1977), five children (one still at home), and six cats (one indoors, the others outside).

I teach an online class called “The Christmas Notebook” which is about all things holiday prep. The many facets of celebrating Christmas comprises one of my favorite hobbies. Other favorite things include gardening, reading, cooking, and scrapbooking.

Irish cottage putz house

I am currently working on four little glitter houses, all of them Irish cottages. I drew this pattern in March of 2017. Here’s the mini version of this sweet, little cottage. I made four regular-size ones and two minis. The mini ones are copied at 80% of the original size of the pattern. I am […]

last week in pictures / feb 4 ~ 10

This week seemed to fly by. So much to do. So little time. I am in the process of tailoring a planner to fit my own needs. It makes me aware of how much I want to do and how much more time I would need to do it all! But it IS helping me […]

last week in pictures ~ jan 28 – feb 3

Here’s a little summary of last week. Bits and bobs. I made four putz houses, including this white one. I’ve enjoyed the forsythia we forced. In late January every year, we cut some forsythia branches and force them for an early preview of spring. It’s so easy to do! Cut some branches, put them in […]

it may be winter outside, but..

I have a bit of spring inside. Every year, sometime in late January, we cut forsythia branches to bring into the house to force the bloom. It usually takes 11-14 days for the blossoms to pop out. Forsythia is easy to force. Cut some branches, put them in a vase of water and wait two […]

back in the saddle again…

Hello! I’m back! My blog has been down since December 8, due to technical difficulties. Thankfully, my webmaster (AKA my younger son) was able to set things to rights. I can post again! We had a great Christmas and I’ll be posting some pictures from that soon. Just to get back into the flow of […]

Christmas trees

I haven’t taken time to get pictures of all the decorating yet, but here are some that my eleven year-old grands took for me just before the open house started. More about the open house soon! As you step in the door, just to the left is the living room. Here you’ll find the Family […]

Christmas prep installment

Time is flying by at our house. Yours, too, probably! Tomorrow we will enjoy having three of five children home with one of our daughters-in-law and two of the three grands in celebration of Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to that! I love it when the kids come home. We were told last week that […]

Christmas prep…ongoing!

During the past few weeks, I have almost finished all the cookies and candies that I can make ahead of time, to be stored in the freezer until the Open House in December. I think I have two more things to make. And then I might add a couple of new things… Sour Cream Sugar […]

mini putz house in teal and yellow

This mini Putz house has been listed to my Etsy shop.¬† ¬† It is made from the same pattern as the last Putz house I made. I reduced the pattern to 85% of the original and reversed¬†it when constructing the house. I rounded the fence. Thought about adding fence posts at the entrance, but decided […]

a putz barn and a putz house

This Putz barn was made months ago, but I hadn’t found a Christmas card that I liked for the base until a few weeks ago. The words, the harness bells and the trail of stars are picked out in a shiny gold foil. Santa is checking on the reindeer! A tiny deer stands in the […]