Monthly Archives: November 2012

paper wreath

I made a wreath for my older daughter’s door today. She is using a book theme for decorating her room for Christmas. No big surprise if you know her at all. For help with leaves for the wreath I used the tutorial on the blog The Red Thread, though I changed a few other things. […]

menu plan monday ~ november 26, 2012

Now that the living room tree is done, we can move on to other projects. The girls decorated the scrapbook room tree for me. I have a few smaller trees to finish and two trees that need some finishing touches. Other than that, the trees are done. Now on to other things. Like baking the […]

decorating the living room tree

DH has the week off to help with the last of the Christmas decorating. We still have a ways to go, but I think we’re on track. The girls were a big help yesterday with the living room tree. It takes several days to complete it. A big job! Buttercup, our youngest daughter’s cat, wanders […]

candy turkeys and a happy thanksgiving day

We have much to be thankful for. God proves Himself faithful and generous in every way. This year, we are particularly grateful for the fact that our son and his family now live nearby. Thanksgiving Day started early. DH picked the twins up a bit after 8:00 and took them to church with him and […]

menu plan monday ~ november 19, 2012

We are grateful for the holiday set aside for thanking God for His many good gifts and blessings. We hope your Thanksgiving Day is one of joyful thanks and gratitude. Christmas decorating continues at our house. This week and next will be very busy. The household cats don’t seem to mind. Buttercup does not bother […]

chalkboard Christmas tree

Genny was here this weekend, helping with Christmas decorating. She worked on the chalkboard Sunday and made an amazing Christmas tree. I found the idea at the blog “A Legg Up” which is no longer available. Our chalkboard starts about a foot above the floor and is just over eight feet tall. Genny began by […]

popcorn and cranberries and little helpers

This evening we started making strings of popcorn and cranberries for the living room tree. Snow White was entranced. She stuck with it until I told her it was bedtime. She told her great-aunt Genny, “I helped you because you needed lots of help!” By the way, she did her own hair-do, in case you […]

working on the glass tree

The tree in our upstairs guest room is decorated with ornaments made of spun and molded glass. Today, our son and daughter-in-law came by to help decorate the tree. It took all afternoon, but they stuck with it. The twins are fascinated by the whole decorating process. Today was no different. It’s fun to watch […]

menu plan monday ~ november 12, 2012

We accomplished more Christmas decorating this week. Genny was here to help over the weekend. The library tree is done and the silver/blue tree is also finished. It doesn’t have the tree skirt under it yet, but I’ll get that done this week. We put up the snowflakes in the kitchen on Sunday afternoon. The […]

after-school coffee break

After two years of homeschool, our youngest daughter now goes to public high school. When she gets home, we usually take some time to chat. Coffee was the order of the day, today. Chilly out. Surprise for me…she’s finally agreed to my taking her picture and posting it to the blog. 🙂 ~~Mom