book and binder storage

I’ve tried several ways to store the books and binders I use for homeschooling our daughter. I had them on the counter…no good. They were in the way, it looked cluttered…I had to shuffle them to find what I needed. I set them on the floor, against the drawers next to my desk area. But I had to lean over to get them…they fell over and got in the way…they found their way under the desk. I stored them in a plastic box and kept them on the floor nearby. But it didn’t hold everything I needed and the binders that I stored in a file drawer didn’t stay upright.

So I ordered this slanted shelf book cart.

book truck

Well, I didn’t order exactly that one. I ordered one that would fit under the counter so I could stow it away when we weren’t having school. But they sent this one. Too tall for under the counter, but it works great otherwise. It holds everything I need, plus a few extra things. I keep the things we use each week on the top shelf and the things I need less often on the bottom. Look closely and you’ll even find a “Christmas Decorating” binder…you never know when you might need to refer to one of those!

Items and supplies we aren’t currently using are stored in cabinets and drawers at the end of the room near DD’s desk.

It rolls easily away, so I can put it aside when I don’t need it. It keeps everything at my finger tips without hogging counter space. I’m glad I “sorta” ordered it.

~~Rhonda 🙂

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