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book and binder storage

I’ve tried several ways to store the books and binders I use for homeschooling our daughter. I had them on the counter…no good. They were in the way, it looked cluttered…I had to shuffle them to find what I needed. I set them on the floor, against the drawers next to my desk area. But […]

the school cat and a little cornbread

This morning, DD had a tiny amount of water in a little bowl so she could wet a kleenex for wiping clean her wet erasable map. Buttercup thought that teeny bit of water must be there for her to enjoy. Then she licked her chops and looked around as if to say, “Have anything else […]

science timeline

DD made a science timeline to use for recording scientists and historical facts, which I hope will help her visualize where these things fall in the course of history. Visualizing it should also help her see how scientific study advanced as time progressed. As we continue through the science textbook, she can add more and […]