are you spring?

We’ve enjoyed a few days of temps in the 60s. I hope you have, too. It’s been a wonderful change from the very cold winter weather we’ve had for so long. DH and I spent some time outside. We picked up branches in the yard…there were a lot down from the ice storm a few weeks ago.

under the old mulberry tree

This branch was split during the ice storm.

branch split by the ice storm

The tall grasses were spread this way and that by the weight of the ice. This miscanthus reminds me of waves on the beach, pushing back and forth, frothy and tumbling.


Wild garlic…it’s coming up here and there around the yard and along the paths and open spaces in the woods.

wild garlic

Also in the woods, tiny sprigs of green are showing among the leaf litter.

tiny green shoots in the woods

Ground Ivy (AKA Creeping Charlie) is greening, too. Anywhere and everywhere.

weeds, but, hey, they're green!

These trumpet daffodil buds will soon be higher than the leaf litter.

daffodil buds pushing their way up

The Poet’s Daffodils won’t show buds for a while. They bloom later than the trumpets.

Poet's daffodils

Soft green moss…looks like a miniature landscape of rolling hills.

soft green moss

Dogwood buds…waiting to open sometime during the end of March or the first week of April.

dogwood blossoms in waiting

Lichen in blue and green.

blue and green lichen

The big oak in the back yard…it’s beautiful even without its leaves, though you can see a few broken branches on it, if you look closely.

Southern Oak

I think spring is seeping northward.


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