a breath of spring

When we returned home from vacation on February 5, DH gathered some forsythia branches and a few redbud branches from the yard and brought them in. He placed them in a vase and we waited. Yesterday we noticed the forsythia has started to bloom.



It usually takes ten days for forced forsythia to bloom. We do it every spring and always enjoy the bouquet.

forcing forsythia

You can try it with any spring blooming shrub or tree. Some work better than others. We’ve never had good luck with redbud. Star Magnolia will bloom, but doesn’t have it’s wonderful scent. Lilacs will produce small green flowers, but they won’t progress into full-blown blossoms. At least ours never have. But the leaves are a beautiful lime green and the flowers are pretty enough, even if they aren’t lavender, white or purple. Pussy willow works great. Fruit trees work, too. Try it for yourself! It brightens the kitchen table and brings an early breath of springtime to these late weeks of winter.


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  1. Mary
    Posted February 17, 2011 at 6:10 pm | Permalink

    Thanks Rhonda – I needed that!

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