along the same lines…

…as my last post…here are more daylilies blossoms.

‘Orphan’s Picnic’ is a gorgeous pink double.

'Orphan's Picnic'

With a large blossom, ‘Jolly White Giant’ is a real standout!

'Jolly White Giant'

It’s easy to see how ‘Pittsburgh Golden Triangle’ got its name…at least the “golden triangle” part! 🙂

'Pittsburgh Golden Triangle'

‘Bridal Moment’ is a soft peachy pink.

'Bridal Moment'

‘Serena Dance’ is anything but serene!

'Serena Dancer'

The small flower of ‘Siloam June Bug’ is as cute as a button.

'Siloam June Bug'

‘Janice Brown’ is one we’ve had for quite a few years and still enjoy each time it opens.

'Janice Brown'

‘Old Double Ivory’ is another pretty double daylily.

'Old Double Ivory'

Surprisingly, we had another polymerous bloom this week. This one is ‘Shady Lady.’

'Shady Lady'

The picture does not do justice to ‘Ming Porcelain.’ This one is more lovely in person.

'Ming Porcelain'

‘Angel Artistry’

'Angel Artistry'

I’m heading out to see what’s blooming today. I’ll report soon! ~~Rhonda

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