macro mondays ~ january 25, 2010

The theme for Macro Mondays this week was “paper thin.” I submitted four photos.

I took a picture of the Macro Mondays site, on my computer, with a sheet of vellum across part of the screen.


This is an older shot from our garden. The fragile delicacy of the iris petals fascinates me. It is amazing how well they stand up to wind and rain.

iris petals

This is shredded gift wrap stuffing. It is so tiny that I didn’t know it was cut in a zigzag pattern until I took the picture.

there's a thin line between...

For this picture, I opened a publishing program, filled a page with blue, and took a picture of the post-it notes in front of the computer screen.

paper thin

Next week’s theme hasn’t been posted yet…I’ll be checking often to see what we’re shooting for next week!


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