the garden in august

Seems that fall is trying to inch its way in. The garden has that look…kind of tired. Parts are overrun with weeds, parts have plants that are just beginning their trip into dormancy with leaves starting to turn yellow. The dogwood tree has a few red leaves on it, and the elm trees along the edge of our property are dropping tired old leaves.

But there’s plenty of pretty left. The surprise lilies have been abundant and beautiful this year. I’ve used them in bouquets for church the last three Sundays.

pretty in pink

bouqet for church

bouquet for church

I dug the original bulbs for the surprise lilies pictured below from Grandma Ruth’s garden, as well as some lily of the valley from the west side of her house. I’m glad to have them.

Grandma's surprise lilies

There are still some surprise lilies just opening. They have a beautiful shade of bluey-pink when first open.

freshly opened

The hostas are flowering, too.

Some in lavender.

hosta flower

Some in white.

Hosta 'Royal Standard'

In the fenced garden there are a few hollyhocks putting out fresh looking blooms, but most are about done and hard at work ripening seeds.

red sunshine

‘Zebrina’ looks like a miniature hollyhock, but it is actually a malva. A beautiful little flower that seeds itself all over the place. Could be good, could be bad. Depends on how willing you are to yank out seedlings when they come up where you don’t want them.

Malva sylvestris ‘Zebrina’

A great flowering shrub for this time of year are the crepe myrtles. Huge splashes of color in the yard. We have red, white, pink, and a red/white one called ‘Peppermint Lace.’ Here’s a pretty pink one.

crepe myrtle

The grasses are pretty this time of year, too, sparkling in the sunshine when the breeze moves the long arching leaves.


Out in the back of the yard, where we have a little woods, the ironweed is blooming. Such a beautiful shade of purple.


The ironweed blossoms are about half an inch wide.


The elderberries are ripening.


Near the back door, we have the potted plants that come out in summer and go back in for the winter. I don’t have many, as I’m not good with houseplants, but I do like the papyrus and the rubber trees.

bench with geraniums

It will be time to move those back in before I am ready, I’m sure. ~~Rhonda

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