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“baby” ants

While enjoying the east porch Saturday afternoon, the girls discovered a line of small ants moving across the railing. “Look at the baby ants!” Fascinating! Having the ant crawl over her fingers and hand didn’t bother her at all. Different story for her sister. Had to show it to Pa. Putting the ant back “so […]

spring time in the garden

My favorite time of year is when spring finally arrives. This year it’s a few weeks early. No complaints from me! Yellows, pinks and blues…refreshing after the browns and grays of winter. Magnolia ‘Jane’ Hyacinth This small spirea has tiny sweet blossoms on it. I don’t remember the variety. Daffodils…such happy flowers. The blossoms of […]

grands in the garden

Saturday we enjoyed a day at the farm. I sat in the sun and watched everyone cleaning the yard, pulling weeds, digging out honeysuckle vines, building the base for the chicken coop, and other general garden/yard work. It’s hard for me to walk over uneven ground, so I was happy to watch. The twins were […]

spring color

The mini daffodils ‘Tete-a-Tete’ are making bright patches around the yard. I love the color of the Lenten Rose. So welcome this time of year. A few years ago, I found a single snowdrop blooming under the apple tree. This year, there are five blossoms. The leaves of ‘Star of Bethlehem’ sprout a bright green […]

flowers…love ’em

So many flowers popping up in the garden. Something new every day. Like this pretty blue columbine. The yellow flag, Iris pseudacorus, just opened this week. Peony ‘Dancing Butterfly’ Peony ‘Nymph’ The Goldmoss Stonecrop Sedum blossomed this week. And the pretty white geraniums did, too. The lovely peony ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ opened this week, as well. […]

peonies…ah, spring!

My mower came home from the mower hospital yesterday. Much as my leg ached, I just had to get out and mow. So I did. Loved being outside for a change. The peonies and irises are adding so much color to the garden. Here are a few pictures I took while mowing. I *always* take […]

rain, rain, sunshine, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain…

The forecast is for a lot of rain the next seven days. I took advantage of the one sunshiny day to get outside, enjoy the garden, and mow the yard. Under the apple trees, there is a large and spreading colony of wild blue phlox, also called wild Sweet William in these parts. The bridal […]

spring cuties

My niece and her husband raise chickens and goats. Yesterday, we drove up to their house and picked up our order of 20 chickens for the freezer. While there, DH took this picture of the 2 day old goats. So cute! Mama goat had four little girls! One did not survive, but these three seem […]

snowdrops? um…no, that would be just plain snow

Last Wednesday was warm and breezy and lovely. Today, not so much. Temps hovered around 34* all day. And it snowed, along with some sleet. DH took some pictures for me. I stayed inside where it is warm. The columbine looks no worse for the wear after having snow and sleet pelt on it today. […]

beautiful breezy day

A lovely day to be outside! DH cleaned up around some of the daffodils and daylilies today. This tiny little daffodil is called ‘Minnow.’ ‘Minnow’ The garden is full of daffodils right now, with more coming on. The warm weather the first part of the week really brought them out. Now we’re headed into a […]