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getting to know you, getting to know all about you…

Oldest Daughter brought a kitten home with her when she finished her summer job at a girls’ camp in New York. The kitten, Cedar, is probably a few weeks older than our newly acquired kitten, Amy. It has taken them about a week to get used to one another. But now they play hard! Here […]


This kitten was trying to eat from the outdoor cat dish on the back porch a week ago. When DH approached her, she tried to run away. But DH and DD managed to capture her. She was dehydrated and very skinny. She’d obviously not been eating or drinking much for a while. DD named her […]

hangin’ ’round

Buttercup has decided my new basket makes a great bed. She has been sleeping in it during school, as she waits for DD to finish her work. Happy likes to sit on the railing at the back door. She weighs about ten pounds, but when she drapes herself over something, she looks much heavier. It’s […]

the school cat and a little cornbread

This morning, DD had a tiny amount of water in a little bowl so she could wet a kleenex for wiping clean her wet erasable map. Buttercup thought that teeny bit of water must be there for her to enjoy. Then she licked her chops and looked around as if to say, “Have anything else […]

kitty in the classroom

DD’s pet Buttercup loves to nap in the classroom. DD lined a cardboard box with a rug to make a bed for Buttercup. She set it on a chair next to her desk. But sometimes Buttercup thinks she needs to be a little closer to the action than that. Today, she hopped up onto the […]

zilli loves my new chair

When DD moved into her apartment a few weeks ago, I gave her the recliner I usually use in the library. DH bought a new one for me and Zilli seems to think he bought it for her. At least she appears to be comfy. 🙂 ~~Rhonda

can’t you tell it’s snowing out here?

Oreo sits on the carport roof and implores us to let him in. Dream on, kitty. I wonder how long he’ll sit there hoping before he finally heads for the garage? ~~Rhonda

naptime for buttercup

You can find Buttercup under the bubble light tree every afternoon, where she enjoys a long nap before DD gets home from school. She doesn’t bother the ornaments…just makes a little nest and snuggles in. And if DD is late, Buttercup prowls the front hall, crying until she gets home. 🙂 ~~Rhonda

sunday morning snooze

Buttercup loves to sit on the stool in the kitchen. This morning she found it in a spot of sun and took a little snooze. ~~Rhonda

silly zilli

Monday we spent some time camming with our daughters who are out east, attending college and pursuing their paths in life. They were laughing at Zilli. We were teasing her with a foxtail. Fun was had by all. 🙂 ~~Rhonda