mini schoolhouse

I finished this mini schoolhouse yesterday. I probably would have put a green roof on it if I hadn’t wanted to use colors from the Christmas card I used to make the base. After it was finished, I was very happy with the roof color.

MNI Red and Blue Schoolhouse Putz

I had chosen a different card for the base, but it didn’t have red on it and that was the obvious choice for the schoolhouse, so I decided to go with this one instead. A small wintery village, with just enough red to coordinate with the schoolhouse.

MNI Red and Blue Schoolhouse Putz

I use greeting cards to make the bases for all my Putz houses. When lifted there’s a sweet surprise underneath.

MNI Red and Blue Schoolhouse Putz

Putz houses look alive when the lights come on. I use tiny LED light strings to light my Putz houses. The two larger bottle brush trees are decorated with gold and green pearl beads, faux snow and iridescent glitter.

MINI Red and Blue Schoolhouse Putz

The tiny deer is only 1/2″ tall.

MNI Red and Blue Schoolhouse Putz

You can see more of my Putz houses and Christmas ornaments in my Etsy shop.

If you are interested in crafting Putz houses of your own, check out my Putz tutorials for more information. Putz House Tutorials

I am always happy to answer questions about the process. Please ask, if you are wondering about the details of putzing!

All proceeds from my Etsy shop benefit Kenya Mercy Ministries. They work with the urban poor of Nairobi, Kenya, particularly the children and their families who live in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa. Thank you for your part in helping these children when you purchase items from my shop!


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