Christmas prep…ongoing!

During the past few weeks, I have almost finished all the cookies and candies that I can make ahead of time, to be stored in the freezer until the Open House in December. I think I have two more things to make. And then I might add a couple of new things…

Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

Christmas sugar cookies

Packaged and ready for the freezer.

Christmas sugar cookies

Cranberry Orange Cookies … These are simple to make, but delicious! Big on flavor! One of my favorite Christmas Cookies.

Christmas cookies

Cranberry Orange Cookies

A new treat this year…Pecan Pie Truffles. I made the centers and will dip them in chocolate and garnish them with toasted, chopped pecans before the Open House.

Pecan Pie Truffle centers

Peppermint Meltaways … These tender cookies require careful handling, but are really worth the extra trouble. After being thawed, they will be frosted with pink frosting and garnished with crushed peppermints.

Mint Meltaways

The garland and lights are up over the kitchen windows. As you can see, a string was not working, but DH fixed it. He has also put up over-the-door garlands, the outdoor porch garlands, and the front hall garlands. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

garland for the kitchen windows

The chalkboard tree is coming along! Each additional feature that Genny chalks on makes it that much better! She should be able to finish it this weekend. It is almost complete! Then we move on to putting up and decorating other trees.

As it stood a week ago.

Chalkboard Tree 2018

As DH walked by the chalkboard one day, he couldn’t resist adding something for the father in the picture to juggle…but that won’t be the final story for that panel. I should be able to show the finished picture next week.

Chalkboard Christmas tree 2018

Last weekend’s update to the tree is as follows.

Chalkboard Christmas tree 2018

Chalkboard Christmas tree 2018

Note that the children are opening door number two on their countdown to Christmas box. Our open house is scheduled for the second of December. Genny thinks of little details like that to make the picture better!

Chalkboard Christmas tree 2018

Chalkboard Christmas tree 2018

When I printed this coloring page, the smaller girl was holding scissors. Genny took them out. Don’t you think she looks entirely too young to be packing large, sharp scissors!?

Chalkboard Christmas tree 2018

Meanwhile, I’ve also been working on ornaments for an exchange.

diorama Christmas ornaments

diorama Christmas ornaments

diorama Christmas ornaments

diorama Christmas ornaments

Stay tuned for more updates!  ~~Rhonda


  1. Pam Watson
    Posted December 6, 2018 at 9:40 am | Permalink

    I love these dioramas. May I ask if they are half plastic bulbs or what they are made of ? Beautiful

  2. Posted December 7, 2018 at 2:18 pm | Permalink

    Pam, thank you! I’m glad you like the diorama ornaments. They are fun to make! They are made from plastic ornments. I cut the hole myself. I took a lot of pictures last time I made one and I will post those soon as an additional tutorial to the one I wrote several years ago. I’ve changed my techniques a little. Basically, draw a circle where you want the hole to be. It should be at least 1/2″ from the largest part of the ornament. If the ornament is cut exactly in half, it won’t hang correctly. Pictures soon! In the old tutorial, I scored a line and cut that. It’s easier to draw the line, then (wearing eye protection) gently poke the end of your scissors into the center of the part you want to cut out. When you have a hole, put the scissors in and cut in a spiral until you reach and can cut just outside the drawn circle. Here’s the older tutorial.

  3. Laurie Shain
    Posted December 8, 2018 at 7:48 am | Permalink

    Rhonda~~I always love the chalkboard so much. I think the little girl in front of the advent calendar looks like Anna! What wonderful memories of fun with your sister.

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