Christmas prep installment

Time is flying by at our house. Yours, too, probably! Tomorrow we will enjoy having three of five children home with one of our daughters-in-law and two of the three grands in celebration of Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to that! I love it when the kids come home. We were told last week that younger son and his wife, who live in Seattle, will be here for Christmas! That’s exciting news!

Last weekend, Genny (my Christmas elf and sister) was here to decorate. She brought along our great-niece who loves to help, as well. I made Eggnog Cookies and Eggnog Truffles.

Eggnog Truffles

Our great-niece put up all the snowflakes and the icicles on the kitchen garland. The pie plates are washed and the Christmas curtains are up, as well. It was nice to have a young, agile helper!

Kitchen window garland

The kitchen garland displays my collection of snowflake ornaments and icicles.

Kitchen window garland

There are two east facing windows (to the left) and four south facing windows. My pie plate collection sets on the pegs that the curtains hang from.

Kitchen window garland

Our young helper also decorated the kitchen tree on top the fridge. It has candy and cookie ornaments.

Kitchen tree

DH hung the big snowflake over the Snow Tree in the dining room. The snowflake serves as a tree topper that turns gently in the movement of air from the furnace. The ceiling is 12′ tall, so the seven foot tree sits on an antique, round table in the corner of the dining room.

The Snow Tree

Tweak, tweak, tweak…an ongoing process.

The Snow Tree

Winston (on the cupboard ledge) enjoys watching everything we do while decorating. This little snow tree sits on top a cupboard that belonged to DH’s grandparents.

The Snow Tree

Saturday evening, after a full day of decorating and cleaning, we sat down to string popcorn and six bags of cranberries for the living room tree while we watched “White Christmas” and “While You Were Sleeping.” A fun, sit-down job to check off the list.

popcorn and cranberry strings

The lights on the staircase banister cast circles of color on the ceiling of the upstairs hall. A magical night light!

Christmas lights in the upstairs hall

Update: I wrote this the day before Thanksgiving. I think I was waiting for pictures of the chalkboard before posting, but was side-tracked by other things. I’ll post a chalkboard update soon! We are on the downhill slide to Open House on Sunday. Lots and lots to do!



  1. Emily
    Posted November 28, 2018 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

    Love the decorations!!

  2. Dee Douglas
    Posted December 14, 2018 at 7:36 am | Permalink

    Rhonda, Always so beautiful….I’m sure your home is feeing so inviting right about now….I bet it smells amazing too….

    Have a wonderful holiday season filled with the love and joy that lasts forever in Jesus…

    Merry Christmas and a Very Blessed New Year 2019,

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