Monthly Archives: December 2016

mid century putz

Younger Son’s wife loves anything to do with mid century design. We have worked on mid century Putz houses together in the past. You can read about that here: December 2014 mid century putz houses This link will show you how she diplayed them Christmas 2015. January 2016 mid century putz houses revisited Most of […]

santa’s Christmas tree farm

My last Christmas Tree Lot sold quickly. I am happy to say it went to a very good home. Someone I know who will enjoy it for many years. So today I began a new tree lot. This one has a different style of building. This is how far I got on Day 1. I […]

noel farms Christmas tree lot

I have been working on this little Putz Christmas Tree Lot for a few days. Finished it today. This is much like the two I’ve made before, but I try to make each one a little different from the others. This one has lights, which is a first. Also a snowman, rather than a mailbox. […]

2016 chalkboard tree

This is the fifth year my sister Genny and I made a chalkboard tree on the large chalkboard in the music room. DH painted the chalkboard on the wall in 2011. It is about eight feet tall. It took four coats of green chalkboard paint to cover well. If you paint a chalkboard on a […]

open house 2016 ~ part three

Welcome back to the open house tour. If you would like to read the two previous posts, here are the links: open house 2016 ~ part one open house 2016 ~ part two We left off with only the addition left to see. The addition was built onto the house by the previous owner as […]

open house 2016 ~ part two

See part one of the open house tour in this post: open house 2016 ~ part one We will take up the tour in the kitchen. It’s the center of holiday activity! The doorway on the left side of the picture leads into the front hall. The kitchen was an enclosed back porch at one […]

open house 2016 ~ part one

Our annual Christmas open house was a lot of fun! We had a wonderful time, with some surprise visitors dropping in! Some drove for several hours to get here. Thank you to everyone who helped make the day a success…those who pitched in to help and those who came to visit. We are thankful for […]

almost party time

We are as ready as we can be, other than for a few tweaks we need to take care of Sunday morning. Saturday, I started out by sorting the sugar cookies by shapes to make the decorating faster to finish. I frosted the cookies and Genny put the sprinkles on, which saved me a couple […]

the day before the day before the party

We had a very busy day Friday. Lots of helping hands. I spent the day in the kitchen, dipping truffles and making a few other goodies. I started with the Raspberry Truffles. Ran out of almond bark and had to send DH to the store for more. When those were done, I moved on to […]

working our way through the list

When we are preparing for our annual Christmas Open House, there is always a long list of tasks that need to be done. We keep a running list on Google Docs, shared with those who come over to help. They can check that list to see what needs to be done. We can add to […]