a busy day turned into a lazy day

Hello, friends! I hope you are having a good weekend. Today turned out to be warm and humid, but it was beautiful this morning. We had planned to have a dinner party this evening, but the guest of honor is ill and had to postpone. We are praying he and his family recover and are well soon. We look forward to seeing them when the timing is good for them. I woke up ready to start checking my list off and found out I didn’t have to do anything at all today if that was what I wanted to do. So DH and I got out into the garden to see what’s going on.

Daylily season is on the downside, but still very much in force. We have some plants that are just now blooming. See the red one with the orange center in the lower left hand corner of this picture? That’s ‘Autumn Red.’ We have lots. Freebie if you’re local. Let us know if you want a clump.

front yard

‘Regency Heights’
Sadly, this is the only blossom we had on this plant this year, as the lovely deer ate all the buds but one. Didn’t bother the daylily plants right next to this one, but did eat every single bud on this plant but this one.

'Regency Heights'

‘Siloam Pink Glow’
A small plant. About sixteen inches tall and the flower is about three and a half inches across.

'Siloam Pink Glow'

‘Fire Music’
A late bloomer, but it comes on strong! So beautiful in the garden.

'Fire Music'

It really is this beautiful and even more so.

'Fire Music'

‘Catherine Woodbury’
A must-have and a late bloomer.

'Catherine Woodbury'

We aren’t the only ones who enjoy the garden.

Bumblebees are welcome visitors.

bumble bee on prairie cone flower

And honeybees…

honeybee on a hydrangea

honey bee on daisy

And carpenter bees are here, too, but not so welcome when they drill into the fence or the wood of the carport.

carpenter bee on a daylily

This afternoon DH went on a long bike ride and I worked at my desk for a while. A quiet day. We missed having our company, but perhaps that was just as well because our air conditioning keeps turning off. DH is able to restart it, but one of these times, it won’t. That wouldn’t have been fun with twenty adults in the house on a muggy summer evening. At least, not as much fun as it would be if the A/C were working! Next week, a new system will be installed. Problem solved.


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  1. Dee Douglas
    Posted July 11, 2016 at 6:58 am | Permalink


    I’ll take a clump of the Autumn Red one….I
    don’t think I bought that one from you guys…
    I had my goof-off day yesterday and it felt great not working in the yard or house…I went up the road and had fun shopping….Monday I will hit it again….
    Tell Russell to be safe on his trip to Indiana….Enjoy your week….God Bless, Dee

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