Monthly Archives: September 2012

menu plan monday ~ september 24, 2012

I am loving this beautiful September weather. Cooler days (and nights). Jackets and blankets are coming out of storage. The garden is beginning to look and feel like autumn. The changes in weather, temps, and season seem to perk up everyone. And it makes me think apples! Several weeks ago, DH and I canned 21 […]

weekend snapshots

Autumn is in the air, for sure. And it’s in the yard, too. The garlic chives have bloomed and are setting seed. Beautiful golden rod everywhere. One of my Mom’s favorite flowers. The red geraniums on the back step are perking up for the last part of the season. The bouquet for church looks quite […]

paper circle garlands

Last year, I came across a blog with a Christmas tree garland made from waxed paper punched into circles. Click the link to see the garland she made. She glued her paper pieces to the string. Sounds like a long and frustrating job to me. I sewed mine together. Worked great. She put hers on […]

menu plan monday ~ september 17, 2012

It was a busy weekend! The grands came Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday evening. They didn’t realize how cool the weather would be, so had to improvise when they wanted to play outside. Snow White is wearing the Christmas sweatshirt I made for her father 22 years ago, and Rose Red is wearing the […]

thrifty Christmas decorating

People keep asking if I’m decorating for Christmas yet. I have to admit, I am already thinking about all aspects of Christmas…the decorating, the entertaining, the baking, and all the other fun things we do this time of year. It’s a big event at our house. Last year, I made a real effort to cut […]

menu plan monday ~ september 10, 2012

We had a busy weekend with my niece and her family here, then babysitting of the grands. Sunday afternoon, we spent some time on the east porch playing with marbles and bubbles and numbers. Fun. 🙂 This week, back to normal? We’ll see! Here’s the menu. Monday Fridge Food…lots of leftovers… Tuesday Crock Pot Rotisserie-style […]