7 days of shooting

Over the holiday season, I neglected the two flickr groups I enjoy the most. One is Macro Monday, to which one or two macro photos are submitted each Monday according to the week’s theme. The other group is 7 Days of Shooting. There is an overarching weekly theme and, also, daily themes that have to fall under the weekly theme.

I enjoy both groups a great deal. They help me stretch as a photographer and make me look for the details in every day items. Many of my 7 Days of Shooting photos turn out to be macros because I enjoy shooting the close ups so much. There is beauty in the mundane and a lot of detail that is missed unless we make time to look for it.

Last week, the week’s theme was “empty.” I managed to submit photos five days out of the seven.

Empty / Minimal Sunday
After seeing some of the other submissions and doing some research on minimal photography, I learned this particular photo isn’t as minimal as it could have been. Minimal photography is as much about the space surrounding the object as it is about the object being shot.

green pitcher

Empty / Macro Monday
This is a flower frog.

flower frog

Empty / Go For Bokeh Tuesday
“Bokeh” means the unfocused areas in a photograph.

empty bell jar

Empty / Thoroughly Abstract Thursday
This is from an art glass vase.

art glass

Empty / Shoot Anything Saturday
This is actually my favorite from the week. I like the color and the detail.

empty shells

The current theme is “the letter P.” I missed submitting on Tuesday, but plan to finish the rest of the challenges. I’ll post those next week.

If you enjoy photography, I encourage you to challenge yourself with a theme or a list of ideas. Click this LINK for a list we used in homeschooling for art class. This LINK takes you to a list of weekly themes for some inspiration. Google photography challenge list for more lists and ideas.


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