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i’m sick, she whispered

Man, I feel awful. Head/chest cold. Coughing, sneezing, throat hurts so much I have to whisper. I’m in the recliner for the second day in a row. To my left are the necessities…kleenex, decongestant, glass of iced tea because I have to have it and a glass of room temp water for a drink when […]

between irises and daylilies

Bearded iris season is over, though we have a few late blossoms here and there. The Siberian and Louisiana irises are beginning to bloom. We don’t have nearly the number of those that we have of the others. Daylilies are just beginning to send up scapes and buds. There are a few blooming. In a […]

wednesday in the garden

DH and I were able to put in a few hours of yard work yesterday. The weather was wonderful. Mulched a few more flower beds, dug up a butterfly bush that was in a shady spot and moved the two pieces to a sunny location, weeded, and mowed. So nice to be outside! Beside the […]