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cards, invites, and tv

Today I have several projects on my agenda. I have the bulletin inserts for church to format and print so they can be copied for church. After finishing that, I’ll catch up on some Tivo while addressing our Christmas cards. I have half the open house invitations done, so will be doing more of that […]

Back home

After a week away, visiting brand new grandbabies out east, we are back home. Feels good. Now the Christmas decorating must start in earnest. Today will be a day of organizing what needs to be done…checking the cookie list, planning the week’s menu (easy meals this week!), making a grocery list, sorting the piles of […]

cookie day

Peanut Butter Truffles and Sugar Cookie Crisps…the cookies of the day. I mixed the PB truffles this AM and rolled them while chatting with a friend who came by to see me. I’m in the process of dipping them in chocolate before storing them in the freezer. Just before the open house, they will be […]

sunny Saturday

Thanks to help from my son Daniel, I am now a blogger. Why blog? Because I teach an online class via a Yahoo list about holiday preparation called “The Christmas Notebook.” I hope this site will serve as a resource and encouragement for my list members and a place where I can update them on […]