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how to make a putz house / part 2 of 3 / assembling and painting the putz

This is Part 2 of three tutorials about how to construct a Putz house or “little glitter house” as they are sometimes called. This tutorial is meant as a guide to the way I construct a Putz house. Keep in mind that I have my own style and my own techniques, and the following directions […]

how to make a putz house / part 1 of 3 / from pattern to ready to assemble

This tutorial is meant as a guide to the way I construct a Putz house. Keep in mind that I have my own style and my own techniques, and the following directions will reflect that. Other Putzers have their own styles and techniques, so don’t take this as the only way to make a Putz. […]

how to draw a putz pattern

This tutorial, explaining the way I draw a Putz house pattern, is meant for those who haven’t drawn their own patterns and want to try their hand at it. This tutorial can’t cover everything, but it sets out the basics. I’m using this simple Christmas tree lot Putz as my example. I drew the original […]

putz Christmas tree lots

I have looked through my records and, if I have my information complete, I have made seven Christmas Tree Lots. The first one was made in November of 2016. It found a home in Baltimore, MD. Noel Tree Farms was purchased by a local friend as a Christmas gift for a family member. I love […]

Easter putz house

This Easter Putz has been listed in my Etsy shop. The pattern was drawn with inspiration from a little house in town that was torn down last year. The base is made from an upcycled Easter card. I wish I had a tiny, white bunny to put in the front yard. The colors for the […]

miniature Easter putz house

I love making the miniature Putz houses. Here are two houses and a church I’ve made in the past week or so. I am keeping the one on the left for my own collection. The church, in the middle, and the house to the right have been listed in my Etsy shop.¬†¬† I plan to […]

mini Easter Putz church

I enjoy making the miniature versions of these little glitter houses and this one was no exception. It is decorated with mulberry paper flowers, velvet flowers, hand-crafted Easter eggs and preserved moss. When the lights come on, everything comes to life. The back has the traditional hole to allow the use of an LED light […]

last week in pictures / feb 28 ~ mar 2

Last week brought winter weather and plunging temps, but inside, I was all about spring and summer. On Monday, I began the work of landscaping the mini Putz barn. I had to decide on which sheep to use. I found these three in my stash. The two smaller ones came from my mother’s house after […]

summer putz barn

The latest listing to my Etsy shop is this summer Putz barn in dark red and light blue. Daisy, the cow, waits in the front yard to greet you. The base is 6″ wide and 3 1/4″ deep. The Putz is 4 1/4″ tall, as measured from the bottom of the base to the top […]

spring putz barn

I just finished this sweet, little spring Putz barn. It has been listed to my Etsy shop. Daffodil, the spring lamb, stands on a bed of grass made from preserved moss. Mulberry paper flowers embellish the scene. The base for the Putz is made from an upcycled greeting card. Aren’t these little lambs cute? The […]