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open house cookies and candies

The day after the open house, we divide the cookies and distribute the leftovers. I put one box of cookies in the freezer for my side of the family’s Christmas party, one in the freezer for our church’s Christmas party, and one box of truffles in the freezer for the concert we host in our […]

cream cheese mints as truffles

I have a “truffles” board on Pinterest where I save recipes I might want to try. One of the recipes I saved was for Cream Cheese Mints. I added extra butter to mine. Also a pinch of salt. Minty Cream Cheese Truffles 8-oz room temperature cream cheese 6 T room temperature butter (not margarine) pinch […]

twenty jars of spiced apple slices

I have always enjoyed home canning. Today I was able to share that with my Eldest Daughter. She hadn’t helped with canning before, but she was a trooper. Stuck with me until the end. Even through a couple of mishaps. But we did fine. The apples were beautiful. I used Jonathans. There were a couple […]

ham, bean, cheese soup

The menu said “Fridge Food,” which usually means “open the fridge and see what you can find.” But the weather is cold and I wanted something nourishing and warm. After perusing the fridge, I decided to use the food I found to make soup. That was ham and leftover deer sausage. I had chicken stock, […]

menu plan monday ~ december 15, 2014

It took me a while to get back up to gear after the open house. DH took that Monday off work, which was nice. Our son and his wife were here until Wednesday afternoon, which was also nice. We enjoyed our visit with them. In a few days, we will host a house concert with […]

a week from today

Open House is getting closer. We’re counting down. Just a week left. Today our older son and his family came to help with decorating and cleaning. Along with our two daughters, DH, and my sister Genny, a lot was accomplished! The downstairs is almost entirely ready. Besides the kitchen, of course. Cleaning it for company […]

cherry fudge truffles

I have a board on Pinterest that is just for truffle recipes. I pin other recipes there, too, that I think might work for truffles. This recipe for Cherry Fudge is one of those recipes. The picture on the web site was so inviting. They looked delicious. Here’s what I ended up with. Cherry […]

two truffles dipped and done

Yesterday I made Peanut Butter Truffles and also dipped the Chocolate Cream Truffle centers that I made earlier this week. I had planned to freeze the Chocolate Cream centers and dip them in candy coating a few days before the party. But DH found a container of various truffles from last Christmas in the freezer […]

truffles and acorns

Our middle daughter and I made three kinds of truffles and candy acorns as favors for the wedding of our friend Justin and his bride Dana. The wedding had a fall theme, so the truffles were dipped in orange, yellow and chocolate candy coatings. The chocolate covered one with the orange sugar crystals is a […]

pumpkin scones

While looking for ideas for Menu Plan Monday, I came across a recipe on for CopyCat Starbucks Pumpkin Scones. I made a double batch which worked very well. The recipe below is for a single batch of scones. Makes 8-12, depending on how they are cut. Pumpkin Scones Preheat oven to 400°F. Using the […]