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sunday morning snooze

Buttercup loves to sit on the stool in the kitchen. This morning she found it in a spot of sun and took a little snooze. ~~Rhonda

silly zilli

Monday we spent some time camming with our daughters who are out east, attending college and pursuing their paths in life. They were laughing at Zilli. We were teasing her with a foxtail. Fun was had by all. ~~Rhonda

pippin’s gone

Last night, Pippin passed away. He was an old cat. An outdoor cat. A stray that adopted us in September of 2006. He became DD#1’s cat. When he came to us he looked terrible. His hair was falling out, he was very thin and weak, he had a bad limp. As time went by, his […]


Buttercup, waiting patiently for spring. Me…not so patient.

cat antics

It takes no more than a bit of ribbon to put the kitties in a playful mood. Zilli wanted a turn with the ribbon… …but it doesn’t take much to set Zak and Zilli off when they are playing together. Before long they were flying around the room… Happy peeked in to see what was […]

there’s a kitty in the sink

Niko prefers running water to the water dish. We bought a kitty fountain for him and all the cats love it. He hasn’t asked for water from the sink for a long time. I guess he thought it was a nice change of pace. ~~Rhonda

one relaxed cat

Buttercup’s favorite winter napping spot is on the heating vent in the kitchen. She was totally asleep when I took the picture. ~~Rhonda


On New Year’s Eve DD and I stayed up till midnight, watching movies and having snacks. At midnight DH joined us to pull crackers. DD tried all the toys… A few days later, Niko joined her as she practiced guitar. Niko picks his own cuddle time. Sometimes he’s in the mood, sometimes he’s not. Tonight, […]

the days following Christmas

Most of the days following Christmas are pretty quiet. Today was like that. TV, movies and a few games. DD received “Ticket to Ride” for Christmas and she played it with her sisters. Later in the day we all played. It was a lot of fun! While we played, Zak took a nearby nap. We […]


A quick kitty post, then I’m off to bed… Niko enjoys a head scratch. Some days he seeks more attention than others. He likes to be around us all the time, watching what we’re doing, but he isn’t real cuddly most of the time. Note the cat fountain in the background (never thought I’d own […]