little glitter house and a full fun day

Yesterday, my dear friends Paul and Marsha came by to visit. They use to live in Ohio, but retired to Illinois. Now we’re close enough to visit more often! MJ and I go way back. We went to high school together, though didn’t know one another well at that time. When we discovered that we were at the same college, we became good friends, then roommates, and finally BFFs. You know those friends with whom you can pick up the relationship as though it was yesterday when you saw them last, instead of three years ago? That’s Marsha.

Her husband was also at the same college. Paul taught me to eat over-easy eggs on top of rice with a splash of olive oil. DD and I often have it for breakfast or lunch when there’s plenty of leftover rice. He also taught me how to make rice and beans, as he grew up in Brazil.

Anyhoo, Marsha and I spent the day in the scrapbook room, crafting Putz houses. She had never made one before, so I gave her a lesson. I wish I had taken pictures, but we were having too much fun to give the camera any thought at all.

Here’s the little glitter house I made.

simple little glitter house

A very simple model, but that’s the best way to start out when you’re crafting your first one. Here’s a link to a tutorial post on making little glitter houses.

I’m hoping we can make the time to get together every now and then. We didn’t get to see each other very often when they lived so far away. Now that we live less than two hours apart, we should be able to get together much more often. It’s always great to spend time with a special friend.

On top of visiting with Paul and Marsha, we also enjoyed a visit from my sister-in-law and her husband. They were here for a few days to visit DH’s mother. We invited our son and his family to supper last night and ended up with twelve people around the table. It’s so great to be able to call our son and DDIL and invite them for supper. Sure wish I’d taken pictures of the day. Too busy crafting, then too busy getting supper ready. Then I was just too tired! But that’s the way some days end up. Good *and* tiring. No complaints here! 🙂


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