garden tour

This morning, we enjoyed sharing the garden with a group of Master Gardeners. It’s always a joy to have other gardeners visit. They appreciate the garden, the plants, and the effort.

garden tour

Many thanks go out to my sister Margaret and her husband John, who came Monday evening and worked through Tuesday and early Wednesday to help us prepare for the tour. They pulled weeds, spread mulch, and went home with a carload of plants to put in their own garden. A very small token of our gratitude!

The garden is a sea of color. If you are local, please feel free to stop by and enjoy it!

front yard garden

‘Mardi Gras Parade’

'Mardi Gras Parade'

‘Jedi Tequila Sunrise’

'Jedi Tequila Sunrise'

‘Palace Guard’

Daylily 'Palace Guard'

‘Ivory Edges’

'Ivory Edges'

front yard

The daylilies are certainly holding center stage right now, but the rest of the garden is full of color, too.

front porch

Ox-eye (False Sunflower) Heliopsis helianthoides



We’ve had plenty of rain this spring and early summer, so the hostas are happy.


Honesty and hosta

hosta bed

hosta bed

We have a few Asiatic lilies and they were beautiful this year. I want to get more of these.


pink lilies

Thanks again, Margaret and John, and Genny, who came last week to help in the garden. I hope you’re having some fun in your own gardens! ~~Rhonda

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